25 February 2011


The weekend begins on Thursday in Nairobi and Havana is where you want to be.

Location: Westlands- Woodvale Grove, around the corner from Black Diamond
Price: 200 KSH  domestic beers, food is reasonably priced
Atmosphere: Depending on the night and the time the atmosphere can range from a quiet, neighborhood Latin restaurant to a madhouse packed with expats.

I have eaten here a few times and dinners here are not super expensive and are a passable attempt at Latin fare (says the super picky Texan). I usually go for the fajitas, myself, but I've also tried their nachos and thought they were quite good as well. Mixed drinks are rather hit or miss at most bars here so I usually steer clear, but I spent my Cinco de Mayo here last year and had to have a margarita in celebration and I will say they did a decent job of it.

Thursday is the new Friday and everyone starts the weekend at Havana. Between 9 and 10 pm on any given week you can see the bar filling up and beginning to overflow into the parking spots out front. There is a usually a dj set up at the bar blasting some music which makes the outside a much more desirable location for those who like to hear their conversations. So if you're just looking for a quick drink or to meet some new people, definitely pop on over next Thursday!

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  1. Nice report on a Nairobi institution