04 March 2011


As some of you may have gathered from my previous posts, I'm a bit addicted to Mexican/Latin food. So when my friend told me that there was a restaurant in Westlands that serves Mexican and Indian (weird combo, I know) cuisine I was all over it. I scheduled a Mexican night event with a group of friends; prepared to gorge myself on tortillas, chips, and salsa; and dreams of margaritas danced through my head.

I did have a bit of a difficult time finding a phone number for the restaurant that was actually answered in order to make the reservation, but I finally succeeded. I was forewarned that this was regarded as more of a drinking den than a restaurant so I made sure to mention that we were specifically coming for their Mexican food. They didn't seem phased by the group size (25-30) and were very nice and even asked if I had a particular music of choice. (I did; I went with Gipsy Kings and salsa to complement our Mexican theme.) They even followed up with me via text several hours prior on the evening of the event and confirmed the arrangements for my reservation and music.

Location: Westlands- Crossway and Chiromo in Vanguard House (1st floor overlooking Chiromo)
Price: Mexican entrees seem to range between 500-700KSH ($6.25-$8.75); I imagine the Indian ones were in the same price range but I have to admit I didn't even look at that half of the menu.
Atmosphere: It's a laidback restaurant/bar with a large patio and dance floor inside. 

I have nothing but good things to say about the experience here. The management was great as was the service. I got there before the group arrived (which had grown to 30-35 by this point) and divided up sections within the tables so they could split the bill between fewer people. The wait staff was very patient and accommodating.

Food-wise the Mexican was good for Nairobi standards. My chicken enchiladas were quite nice and the nachos were tasty starters. I even had a margarita (granted it was in a martini glass) that tasted like a real margarita (after careful instruction to the bartender of what liquor to include). However, apparently another friend ordered one and it did not come out as well. The least Mexican item was the fried chicken and chips claiming to be chipotle chicken but I understand it wasn't bad, just unexpected.

Overall I only heard positive things from my friends about their meals and I will definitely return and am looking forward to checking out their late night scene. According to the guy I spoke to over there (so helpful and friendly) they regularly have drink specials and events on the weekends. Tonight (4 Mar), for example, they have Commercial Night and shooters are 150KSH (~$2) and mixed drinks are 250KSH (~$3). Definitely check them out.

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