08 July 2011

Seven Seafood and Grill: Updated

This was my third visit to Seven but my first time for dinner. Previously I had only sampled their drink selection. Their dinner options had always looked a bit pricey for what you get and I'd been told that their lunch menu is a better value but the desire to celebrate my birthday on 7/7 at Seven (at 7pm) was too hard to resist. (I'm a sucker for the cutesy factor.)

Location: ABC Place (corner of James Gichuru and Waiyaki Way) next to Mercury
Price: definitely one of the pricier joints in town. As the birthday girl I wasn't allowed to pay for my meal, much less see the bill, but from what I heard the total for a table of 14 ended up somewhere between 55-60,000 KSH (approximately $611-667 USD).
Atmosphere: They have a small area for outdoor seating but even inside the whole restaurant feels very open.  It's got a very hip, modern feel about it.

"It was foodgasmic," said one friend. The fresh Indian Ocean oysters were to die for. I can never pass up the opportunity to have some cold oyster slide down my throat. I also tried their Oyster Shot to gulp down after each fresh oyster. Bloody Mary lovers, you can't go wrong with this option. Starters include a vast array of seafood but I chose grilled goat cheese and the Seven Smoked Tuna. Both were delicious. I especially enjoyed the fresh rocket/ tuna combination. For the main course I indulged in tuna steak and garlic mash. The tuna was a bit overdone but the sauces helped. Other dinner companions raved over the king and queen prawns.

Cocktail wise their No. 7 (gin, cointreau, pineapple, and cranberry) was refreshing but not something I would drink one after another. I tried both their house white and sauvignon blanc but was not a fan. Another dinner mate ordered a double of Laphroaig which was not very Laphroaig-like. Not sure how you screw up scotch.... 

I'll definitely eat here again, the cooking was amazing. However, I will probably take my friend's advice and check out their more moderately priced lunch menu.  

Updated: They now have a second location in Village Market that hosts a lunch buffet and features steak. I've only been there once and for some quick post-lunch / pre-dinner afternoon bitings, but what I had was good. They had a unique spin on steak tartare that I would definitely recommend. 

Also, they no longer serve the tuna steak after they revamped their menu a couple of years ago (at least not at their ABC location), but the new menu has a fantastic wine selection and pairing chart. While the lunch is definitely more affordable, I will never turn down a chance to dine here, day or night. 


  1. Hi there! I just moved to Nairobi (this week) and found your blog, which is great because I love exploring new restaurants and places around town. The tips around Ngong area have been particularly helpful since that's where I'm living. I'm in grad school but will be working here through October and would love to meet other people, if you guys are in the mood for any fresh blood in your nightlife group :)

    Take care!

  2. Hi Kara! It's always great to meet new people in the area. I stay not far from Ngong Rd as well. I'm in Moshi, TZ for a short while with work, but would be happy to connect you with some of my friends if you like. Look forward to meeting you when I'm back in town!

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