25 March 2012


So for all of you aid workers out there, as we well know, not all trips to the field are as exciting as the DRC/RoC or as happenin' as Kampala. But not to fear, Hungry Expat has scoped out the dining options at Kakuma Refugee Camp and has found an option both convenient and edible. Granted, it's not the most high class of joints, or even the best Ethiopian food, but it is a great place for a quick breakfast or working lunch at their satellite location on the IOM compound in Kakuma 2 or day drinking at the original in the Ethiopian section of Kakuma 1. 

Franco's hoppin' Kakuma 1 location

Breakfast includes chai (30 bob), mandazi (10), and hardboiled mayai (20/ea). Lunch (at the compound location) is usually buffet style with an array of injera, chapati, rice, beans, cabbage, sukuma, shiro (wish it was a bit spicier), brown sauce (as my colleagues like to call it), or a shiro-like curry with veggies, and bits of beef, all for under 200ksh. 


  1. try "pasua" a form of sandwhich with mandazi as the "bread"