15 March 2011

Masrawy Egyptian Restaurant

I only recently discovered that Nairobi had an Egyptian restaurant and close to my office to boot. My friend has spent a lot of time there utilizing their wifi and noshing on their food and recommended it. Since I haven't had any Egyptian food since my trip to Cairo last year I thought it was high time that I check it out so a group of friends and I went one Friday for lunch.

Location: Kindaruma Road behind Ngong Road behind Coptic Hospital and next to Saint Nicholas Primary School
Price: Starters 100-200 KSH; Snacks, Salads, Soups, and Sandwiches 100-300 KSH; Grilled Meat and Chicken dishes 300-800 KSH; Vegetarian dishes 200-300 KSH; Falafel meals 300-450 KSH; Beer 120 KSH; Soda 80 KSH
Atmosphere: Seating is around back in the garden and they have a tent, shaded tables, and even low tables with benches and pillows.
Bonus: free shisha with lunch and dinner dishes

04 March 2011


As some of you may have gathered from my previous posts, I'm a bit addicted to Mexican/Latin food. So when my friend told me that there was a restaurant in Westlands that serves Mexican and Indian (weird combo, I know) cuisine I was all over it. I scheduled a Mexican night event with a group of friends; prepared to gorge myself on tortillas, chips, and salsa; and dreams of margaritas danced through my head.