20 February 2014

Nairobi Restaurant Week 2014

Restaurant Week found Nairobi this February.  For foodies residing in Nairobi, the heavens rejoiced.  Numerous eateries participated in the event and, due to overwhelming demand, a number of restaurants extended their special menus an extra week to encourage new patrons to feast at their locale.

While there was quite a selection to choose from, there were many "repeats" included (multiple locations of the same restaurant, e.g. Seven and Mediterraneo), seemingly trying to boost the list's numbers participants.  There was definitely more than few restaurants I was disappointed to see were not participating.  However, I must commend EatOut Kenya for doing a spectacular job organizing big name sponsors and restaurant options for this inaugural event.  The restaurants I visited were well prepared with restaurant week magazines, organized and eager for restaurant week patrons, and their staff was knowledgeable about the  event and menu options.  Furthermore, the #NRW2014 website was well organized and easy to navigate making it simple to choose a dining locale, view the set menu, and make a reservation.