29 July 2011

Nairobi Nightlife Needs You!

If you like to eat, drink, and be merry and want to tell the world what you liked or didn't like about a particular restaurant/bar/club or you just want to promote your favorite little hole in the wall, now could be your chance.  Your Nairobi Nightlife Guru, as one friend nicknamed me, is looking for people interested in either writing a one time review or someone who would like to join the foodie clan as a regular contributor.  As much as I enjoy going out it would be next to impossible for me to individually review every single venue Nairobi has to offer and I'm sure that my readers would love perspectives and endorsements from people other than just little old me.

There's no compensation involved, just fun times surrounded by (hopefully) good food. Reviewed locations don't have to be in Nairobi since the blog also includes a travel section.  So get eating and feel free to submit reviews on places you think readers would like to visit in your town or highlight the must-go place you seek out every time you visit a certain city. 

If you like to write and this sounds like something you'd like to partake in, email me at nairobinightlife(at)gmail(dot)com.  Please include your name, a small background on yourself so we can introduce you to our readers, and your review.  There are no rules dictating the content of the submissions, but they must include the name and location of the venue and a general idea of the price range.  Attach related photos (make sure you have permission to post them) along with credits.

Disclaimers: Guest posts become the property of Nairobi Nightlife blog.  We will always credit you as the author and source of the post with your name and links to your blog, Twitter, etc. as directed, but if your review is posted on the blog it becomes ours to reproduce elsewhere.  We also reserve the right to edit, revise, or simply not post as we see fit.  Posts can't have been published/posted elsewhere.


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  2. Oh yeah. I just saw this. I want to write about eating out too. However, I go to cheaper places because, well, you know, I'm broke all the time from eating expensive the first 3 days after pay day :D

    1. I would love to have your input on cheaper places. I eat at local joints regularly and never get around to blogging about them. It would be great to have a fresh perspective.