13 July 2011

Indoitaliano: Updated

To combat the boredom of cooking dinner sans electricity in our new rural locale about 45 minutes outside of Moshi, my work colleague and I stayed in town after work one evening to grab a bite to eat and a drink. We hadn't been in Tanzania long so we just kind of wandered down one of the main roads and asked around for this restaurant since one of her friends had recommended we try it. We finally found it just off a side street near the backpackers hotel.

Location: Corner of New Street and School Street near the Buffalo Hotel
Price: approximately 800-1000 TZS per main dish; 2500 TZS for local beer
Atmosphere: very expat-y: when we arrived there was one large table of expats with a few tables of locals, but by the time we left around 7:30 it was expat central up in there. Randomly, it is also one of the only places I have ever seen a mzungu waitress.

I tried the tuna pizza which I thought was quite nice; it's not a common topping for those of us from the States but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a bit bland but our waitress found some Tabasco sauce for me and brought us some other random sauces which spiced it up a bit. Despite this I devoured most of it and my workmate scarfed her meat pasta. We ordered Kilimanjaro beers which we both agreed are much better than Tusker. Way to go Tanzanian Breweries!

They also serve Indian food here if you couldn't tell by the name of the restaurant. Neither of us ordered an Indian dish but I'm sure we'll be back so I'll be sure to update you with tastiness/quality of it as well.

Updated as of 7/26/11:  My friend and I returned a couple of times to indulge on Indioitaliano's pasta and pizza dishes, but on my last night in Moshi we were determined to try the Indian cuisine no matter how much the Italian food tempted us. Happily for us we weren't disappointed. We ordered three different dishes to share, the paneer being my favorite. Despite the odd combination of Indian and Italian food it totally works for this joint. 

Next time you find yourself in Moshi you should definitely treat yourself to a Kilimajaro and some Indoitaliano. 

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