16 February 2011

Savannah: The Coffee Lounge

While I usually gravitate to Java House out of convenience and their more expansive menu, I definitely prefer Savannah's atmosphere and drink selections. I hadn't made it over to Savannah since I returned to Nairobi a mere month ago and took the opportunity to meet some friends there prior to an evening play showing just a few blocks away. Despite the fact that a ketchup bottle exploded all over my friend and myself and the waitstaff was more concerned with mopping up the table rather than bringing us napkins to clean up, the bitings and smoothies were good.

Location: Museum Hill (inside the National Museum complex), Upper Hill (on Ralph Bunche just past Argwings Kodhek), City Centre (Loita Street across from Barclays Plaza), Gigiri (UN Centre)
Price: reasonable
Atmosphere: City Centre: bustling but not noisy, typically filled with business men. They have an enclosed patio which is a nice alternative to the interior which feels somewhat stuffy at times. Upper Hill: has a nice garden seating area and the interior is quite comfortable to hang out for long periods (it's conveniently located next door to one of the many hospitals in the area). Museum Hill: A good meeting spot for a pre-lecture evening at the museum or to grab a coffee while strolling through the gardens. 

There's nothing remarkable about Savannah, the service doesn't stand out and the food isn't amazing, but it is nice to have a place you can just go and sit with your headphones or a good book and hang out over some good coffee or a fruit drink.

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