10 February 2011


Artcaffe is usually where my friends end up when we can't think of anywhere else to go.  We always stake out a spot on the patio and some of my friends (you know who you are) have been known to camp out there for hours on end.  You would think this would be a problem for the waitstaff, but they are surprisingly lenient with large groups and people loitering with their computers using the free wifi.

Location: Westgate Mall in Westlands, Village Market in Muthaiga, Galleria in Karen, Junction Mall
Price: entrees start around 500 KSH (~$6.25)
Atmosphere: bustling, laidback, Western style cafe

I have not been to the new Village Market location but I have spent my fair share of lazy weekends at Westgate.  I also discovered this past weekend that there is a yet another cafe in the process of being finished at the new Galleria shopping center in Karen.  It looked to have ample patio space and good people watching location (one of my favorite activities to do there); I was only disappointed that it wasn't open quite yet.

The patio, facing Mwanzi Road, is almost always packed and this past Tuesday evening was no exception. Wednesday night is jazz night and is pleasant easy listening while not overpowering for those seated near the band on the patio.  The hummus is fantastic and I love their burgers.  The sandwiches are a bit lacking, but nearly everything else I've tried I've enjoyed.  And this is one of the few places in Nairobi that I have found that serves sangria, always a plus!

While I wouldn't call Artcaffe an authentic Kenyan experience, I would still definitely recommend it for a quick bite or a lazy afternoon of people watching.

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