11 February 2011

Mika Cafeteria

As I've completely given up on most Kenyans pronouncing my name correctly, I have resorted to going by Me-kah. So when my work colleague told me the local cafeteria was named that I knew I had to try it. On days that I don't hit up the street vendor outside the office for a 50 bob (~$0.65) fruit salad, you can find me grabbing a quick bite here.

Location: Hurlingham, it's on Argwings Kodhek between Rose Avenue and Woodlands in Roughton Plaza, across from Jabavu House and below Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, next to a chemist (it's very much a hole in the wall and I had never noticed it before having it pointed out to me)
Price: "mini" meals start at 80 KSH (~$1) and larger portions are about 120 KSH (~$1.50)
Atmosphere: orderly (A strange term for a restaurant I know, but it's hard to describe.  The staff is polite and efficient but it's not somewhere you would necessarily linger.)

I usually go for ndengu and rice, but when I'm feeling adventurous, or just extra hungry, I branch out and order the githeri and pilau.

Ndengu- a Kenyan bean dish.  Photo credit: africancook.co.ke
Githeri- a stew of corn and beans.  Photo credit: kenya-advisor.com
Their mini portions are actually entire plates filled to the brim with food so I can't imagine ordering the full size meal. I love Kenyan food so I'm thrilled to have an affordable, convenient option within walking distance of the office. 

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