27 May 2010

Takiebah: Townhouse

Townhouse is a local hang out off a side street in downtown Cairo.  Shisha is cheap and it's fun place to people watch, personally one of my favorite past-times.  Entertainment is also provided by performers looking to earn some change.  During our visit a teen flame twirler showed off his skills while bystanders looked on.

Location: Downtown- El Nabarwy Street.  If you're traveling through on a budget this is an inexpensive and easily accessible place to get a taste of where the locals hang.  Hotel Vienna, a backpacker point, is located just around the corner. 
Price: 2.50 LE for shisha
Atmosphere: Set up like a sidewalk cafe but with the majority of the chairs and tables actually in the street, be ready to jump up and move your chair back if an irate motorist doesn't like waiting his turn to pass.  Fortunately there's not a lot of traffic on this street.

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