20 May 2010

Debonairs Pizza

Photo credit: http://www.debonairs.co.ke/

Locations: City Center- Muindi Mbingu, Village Market- Limuru Road, Ngong Road- Uchumi Hyper
Price: Two large pizzas and two drinks- 1680 KSH
Free Delivery: Free delivery available within a 5 km radius from the restaurant. A minimum order of 400 KSH is required to qualify for free delivery. 

So the saga began at 7:00 PM on a Wednesday night when we decided instead of venturing out to Westlands we would order in from Debonairs Pizza.  We first tried the number for the City Center location listed on their website to discover it was not actually the correct number for the restaurant and some poor woman was receiving all of their calls.  However, we were determined to get some pizza so we went to another website, the ever helpful Eat Out page, to find the correct number.  After spending ten minutes explaining where to deliver the pizza we just hoped for the best.  They also failed to tell us how much the bill was or how long it would take to be delivered.  

We indulged with two large margherita and barbecue chicken sans mushrooms pizzas and two Coke Lights.  The order came quickly, correctly, and was totally adequate in sustaining two starving ladies.  They arrived hot and smelled great.  Side note: Have exact change plus any tip you want to pay ready.  The driver who arrived had little to no change on him.

Update: We ordered from Debonairs City Center once again and were told it would take about 40 minutes for delivery, however they were lightening fast and we pleasantly surprised to receive our pizza in about 20 minutes.  Note: the standard is six slices but is only slightly larger than a personal pan size for those of you used to American pizza sizes.  We branched out from our previous selection and tried the Something Meaty and the Peri-Peri Chicken which was an excellent decision on our part despite our initial hesitation over ordering something with "macon" meat.  If you like yummy spicy goodness then you should definitely try the Peri-Peri Chicken.  

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