22 June 2015

Sutra Gastropub

According to Delhiites, DLF Cyberhub is the only reason to venture over to Gurgaon and I am tempted to agree. Although Gurgaon has its fair share of decent restaurants it cannot compete with the many options scattered throughout Delhi's trendy neighborhoods. However, Cyberhub does offer Gurgaonians a place to eat out, take in some music, and barhop all in one location. While it doesn't have the feel of say a Khan Market or Hauz Khas, it's not far off from Connaught Place. Cyberhub embraces their suburbian-ness by marketing its nearly 50 restaurants, fast food, and lounge options to young professionals, middle-aged businessmen, as well as families. Furthermore, the open-air amphitheater regularly shows cricket matches on the big screen, hosts concerts, and offers the opportunity for wide-scale embarrassment for those gutsy enough to karaoke in front of the masses.

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#SufiSutra with Indian Ocean 5 Nov 2014

First up for review is Sutra, a spacious indoor/outdoor bar on the Cyberhub’s 2nd level pub hub. With unlimited 1 drinks every Monday, free drinks for ladies on Tuesdays, Wednesday Sufi nights, and live bands on Sundays, there is something going on at Sutra practically every night of the week. Most recently we visited on a Friday night and were pleasantly surprised with buy one get one happy hour specials until 8:30pm. Drink choices were limited, but still offered a wide enough selection to make everyone in our group happy.

So much to drink, so little time.
They boast themselves as a gastropub, but most of what we’ve seen and/or ordered for ourselves has been basic pub fare. The servings are small, but the variety somewhat makes up for it. We’ve tried everything from the “Mexican” vegetarian quesadillas (inauthentic, but had a nice salsa accompaniment), hummus (so-so), potato skins (nice and juicy), calamari (perfectly crisped with a light lemongrass flavor), pizza (fresh and crunchy thin crust with pepperoni).

Because who doesn't love sparkling?
As a *ahem* smoker, Curry Delight likes that there is a lot of open outdoor space where he can partake in his habit without shame and away from those of us who value our lungs. In the current high temperatures, I prefer the air-conditioned comfort of the indoors unless we luck out and get seated directly in front of a power fan outside. Usually, while seated inside most bars here, I feel a bad case of tinnitus come on and end up stuck listening to whatever the DJ deems to be “good music”. I will never understand why Indian establishments feel the need to blast the eardrums of their patrons even during less busy hours. Thursday through Saturday nights, I getcha, but Sunday at 4? Turn it down, please. I am one who enjoys being able to converse with my companions and I appreciate that Sutra, while spinning a good playlist (a great 90s jam this most recent Friday night) or hosting a live band, has found a happy medium where I can still talk to my companions without leaving with a sore throat after screaming over the music.

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