28 May 2010

Hard Rock Cafe

It's with a little bit of shame I write this next piece.  Yes, yes, I will admit that I went to Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) in Cairo.  I will own up to my embarrassing collection of Hard Rock paraphernalia and the fact that I seek out HRCs in every country I travel.  My name is Captain Awesome and I am a Hard Rockaholic.  I get excited when I visit a city and discover a cafe with a Rock Shop unbeknownst to me. 

Location: Grand Hyatt- Corniche El Nile, Garden City.  The directions provided on the interweb simply say, "Located directly on the Nile."  Helpful, real helpful guys. I would elaborate and say it is across from the Four Seasons, however, there are two Four Seasons hotels in Cairo so that might confuse the situation even more.  If you're not staying in the area, tell the cabbie the hotel name and Garden City.  If you are, you should be able to find it; the hotel is ginormous and they don't lie, they really are directly on the Nile.  Walk across the bridge toward the entrance of the hotel and you will see the Hard Rock sign on the sidewalk to your right.  Walk through the metal detector and down the stairs where you will find the main entrance.
Price: Exorbitant, but what do you expect, it's HRC.  It was approximately 100 LE per person for a drink (non-alcoholic or alcoholic) and meal. 
Atmosphere: Music videos, memorabilia, and cheesiness.  

We did indeed stay for dinner.  It was more out of pure laziness and lack of desire to move locations when there was food so readily available in front of us that we decided to dine at HRC.  I was willing to make my purchases and then discreetly hide the evidence as we moved to our secondary location.  Yet it was decided we would patronize this fine establishment instead.  I am not necessarily a fan of HRC's food, I typically shop and leave, but the cuisine is American and as you have read in previous posts I have been sadly deprived of my favorite dishes of late.  We gave in to the temptation and sat down to order a drink and dinner.  I, of course, went directly for the closest thing to Tex Mex on the menu, fajitas.  My companions ordered cheese sticks, onion rings, and a cheese burger.  The fajitas were bland and merely mediocre by my standards, but thoroughly enjoyable in present circumstances.  The burger was reportedly good and my friend enjoyed it.  I didn't try the onion rings while they were hot and fresh, but we took the leftovers to go and I had them for breakfast the next morning.  They were a bit soggy at that point and the waiter did not pack the sauce with them, but they did the job of quenching the early morning hunger.

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