19 May 2010

Brew Bistro & Lounge

Brew Bistro has been open just five months but already has quite a following.  This was my fourth visit but the first time we classed it up and made reservations for the restaurant behind the bar.  We booked online at Eat Out so we could receive a complimentary beer sampler tray, a must for any first-timer and a treat for those returning.

Double beer sampler

Location: Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Road next to Junction
Price: Dinner ranges from around 950-2000 KSH, apps start at about 500 KSH, and small beers are 200 KSH
Atmosphere: The patio and bar area is lively but gets a little loud.  Inside you can relax at the restaurant but you should definitely end the evening with a drink at the bar.  We were also told that the owners pride themselves on keeping it classy with a dress code to keep out the professionals that you see at so many other bars around town.  Tuesday night they also have a live band in the lobby. 
Happy hour specials: Buy one beer get one free Monday through Thursday 5-7 pm

The food is "shi shi" but definitely filling if you make it to the restaurant.  We started with the crab-ology platter.  The crab salad and crab cake were ahh-mazing (even for the picky among us) but the crab bisque was a bit off and tasted like crab flavored hot chocolate.  Between the three of us we ordered pumpkin ravioli, the fish special, and the rabbit, all of which were excellent.

Dining on the terrace is nice as well but they put the smack down on ordering food from the restaurant outside, however they have a selection of bitings that are quite tasty.  Think "tapas" when placing your order though.  The sliders are not actual sliders but more of three mini-burger bites.  The calamari is definitely the best pick.

The beer brewed on-site is definitely the best I've had in Nairobi; Tusker and Pilsner cannot hold a candle to the Octoberfest.  They have a variety of flavors for all different tastes and we heard that they will soon offer a Hefeweisen option for the World Cup.  Click here to read a detailed beer review from a previous visit.  You might be tempted to skip the wine for the beer, don't.  The waiter recommended a Kenyan white wine available only at select restaurants which was totally worth it.

The service in the restaurant was spectacular compared to every other restaurant I have visited in Nairobi; Kenya is just not a service oriented country.  The wait staff on the patio and in the bar is not so brag-worthy though.  They were helpful and accommodating when slow but once the pace and crowd picked up it was next to impossible to get anyone to stop by the table.


  1. They also have FANTASTIC cocktails and mixed drinks - a rarity in Nairobi. This is one of the few places where it's possible to get away from the gin and tonic or vodka cranberry with confidence.

  2. I second the mixed drinks! Strong and yummy. (good for a lightweight like me)

  3. well if you don't like kenyan service try sierra leonean trust me you will come back to kenya. Customer service is a foreign concept there. For a developing country Kenya tries on the service part you cannot really compare America to developing countries get real!