19 January 2011


You may remember Kengeles from a previous post, Where to watch the World Cup.  This was a frequent haunt of ours during the games especially since it catered to the Dutch crowd and I of course went out in support of all my Dutch friends.  Kengeles on a non-sporting event night is a very different atmosphere than when jam packed full of rabid fans.

Dutch fans celebrating at Kengeles during World Cup 2010
Location: Lavington Green shopping center on James Gichuru
Price: 200 KSH (approx. $2.50) domestic beer, house wine; 500-1000 KSH (approx. $6.25-$12.50) entrees
Atmosphere: On weeknight evenings it is more subdued and the neighborhood hangout for area locals.

Except for a bar inside, almost the entire Lavington location is outside on a deck or patio.  The menu ranges from burgers and chips to breakfast to ugali.  The cheeseburger is good, but don't expect it to taste like a Western burger, I can't quite put my finger on the difference, but there is something sweeter tasting about Kengeles' version.

Double check your receipt: One thing I was told to watch out for here is the restaurant's penchance for adding extraneous items to the bill; I've never had an issue with this, but one friend who lives nearby and frequents the restaurant has had this happen on numerous occasions.

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