17 January 2011

Black Diamond

Dance floor on a Saturday night.  Photo credit: George Riach
Location: Westlands- Mpaka Rd. between Muthithi Rd. and Woodvale Grove 
Price: 200 KSH (approx. $2.50) for beer
Atmosphere: Depending on the night it's a mix between expats and Kenyans alike, most of whom split their time between the patio balcony and the dance floor inside. 

Black Diamond is the kind of place you can go any night of the week and something is going on.  For example, after a rousing game of euchre some friends and I went to check out a live band playing there on Sunday night and the place was full.  Granted, it wasn't packed like I've seen it on most Saturdays but all of the tables were full and people were standing around.  Pretty impressive for a Sunday.

Black Diamond's balcony bar.  Photo credit: George Riach
Tuesday night is karaoke night.  I have only witnessed this on one occasion and I would definitely recommend it for a source of entertainment.  Kenyans love them some karaoke and sing it loud and proud regardless of their level of talent.  It's also not a bad place to wander over and finish up the night at on a Thursday after mingling outside of Havanas, located just around the corner.

If you get there early enough in the evening to snag yourself a table, I would also suggest checking out their menu.  I wouldn't call Black Diamond fine dining, but I have eaten here on several occasions and they have a surprisingly good menu including Belgian cuisine of all things.  AND they serve Blue Moon.

I would say the only thing that really bothers me about this club is the prevalence and persistence of the "professional" crowd here.  Of course most bar scenes in Nairobi play host to hookers but for some reason it is much more noticeable and the women are seemingly more aggressive here.


  1. lol cheap and a good the hookers are very aggressive there to the point where I am thinking they might rape..or something but it is fun tho

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