28 January 2011

Brew Bistro Revisited

I figured it was about time to update my post on Brew Bistro and Lounge.  Since initially visiting this spot last May it became a regular watering hole for my friends and myself.  And since I've literally moved across the street, where else would I rather go than the Big Five Brewery upon my return to Nairobi?  Check out their facebook page here to keep up with their daily specials and events.

Keepin it classy at a lazy Sunday happy hour

Happy hour is still the best time to hit up this joint.  You can buy one get one free from 5-7 pm EVERY day.  I returned to the restaurant in all my blazing glory this past Wednesday.  You might ask, why would you go out on a Wednesday?  Well folks, that is the beauty of living in Nairobi; there is something going on every night of the week.  Wednesday night is salsa night and there are always some professional and not so professional looking dancers out on the dance floor for added entertainment value.

I had forgotten how fabulous the beer and food was in my absence.  Mmm, I particularly love the Nyatipa and the calamari is simply blissful.  And from the looks of my companions plates they have also branched out from solely serving tapas on the patio and are now preparing full size meals, still limited to bar biting type foods however.

They also have this new program, Beer Miles, which I have not signed up for, but sounds like a great idea.  I'm all for getting free stuff just for drinking.  And getting double points while paying less at happy hour.  So I would definitely recommend you check this place out immediately if you haven't already. 

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