13 June 2010

China Plate

I love Chinese food and have been trying to find a really good restaurant to frequent.  China Plate is in my neck of the woods and has a fun sign to draw attention to it so I thought I'd finally get around to checking it out. 

Location: Upper Hill- Valley Road at Ralph Bunche
Price: ~1200 KSH for soup, entree, spring rolls, and no alcohol
Atmosphere: Quiet and the servers are fairly attentive

The restaurant doesn't open for dinner until 7 pm.  We were not aware of the late opening and were therefore stuck waiting outside until they unlocked the doors.  The food was decent, but just a warning, when they say spicy, they mean SPICY.  My cohort ordered a noodle dish and told them likes her food hot.  When they brought her noodles even her Nigerian taste buds couldn't handle the heat.  When I tried them my lips burned for a good ten minutes.  I played it safe with the chicken fried rice which was fine, but unexciting with little taste to the chicken.  I will give them credit for managing to please my friend who is quite particular about her juice drinks.  She does not like certain fruits and definitely does not want her juice from a bottle.  They specially mixed her a freshly-squeezed fruit drink to her approval and even got it right twice in a row with the refill.

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