05 June 2010

Mataam Yemeni

I was told that during my stay in Cairo I must experience the wondrousness that is Yemeni food.  One evening we went to dinner down the street from my friend's apartment in Dokki at Mataam Yemeni, which literally means Yemeni Restaurant in Arabic.

Location: Dokki- Iran Street
Price: Very inexpensive
Atmosphere: Hole in the wall but not sketch.  Sheets of paper cover the tables but the service is quick and the restaurant was filled with locals except our group.

They bring you a salad to share that is especially good with squeezed lemon over it and individual broth soups which was equally as refreshing.  We ordered several dishes for the table to share including one egg and bean platter that was my favorite.  They plopped two large tortilla-esque flat breads on the table which we proceeded to devour and use to scoop up the various meats and food.  Overall the food was good and the experience was a definite must for anyone wanting to experience authentic middle eastern cuisine during their travels.

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