14 June 2010

Java House

With ten locations throughout Nairobi you can't miss Java House.  They have a wide variety of delectable pastries and even some Mexican dishes to choose from.  Granted, Nairobi's version of Mexican food is very different than a native Texan's, but it's definitely a nice option to have.  My personal fav is their tuna melt with masala chips.  Their masala tea and coffee, of course, is excellent as well.  I always go for a double white house coffee, they know just how much milk to put in without making it all white with no coffee (you wouldn't think this would be a difficult task, but you'd be surprised).  If you want to take a little bit of Nairobi home, you can also buy Java House coffee beans at the restaurant or any grocery store.

(Photo credit: http://nairobijavahouse.com/html/home.htm)

Locations: Junction, Adams Arcade, YaYa Centre, Ralph Bunche Rd at Arwings Kodhek, Sarit Centre, ABC Plaza, Uniafric, Downtown, Gigiri, and Jomo Kenyatta Airport
Price: Their lunch specials are the best deals, but their prices are moderately priced between 500-1000 KSH per meal. 
Atmosphere: Bustling Western cafe; it's a good place to go grab a coffee and get some work done as well.


  1. I went to Java opposite 20th century Cinema in April 2010 ( I had not been there for about 2 years), the service was terrible. The waiters stood around chatting despite the fact that we needed to order. We finally got their attention by waving frantically and yelling excuse me. Then they brought us burgers without the buns, the excuse was they had run out of buns. My friend who was with us said they served her the same "burger" a few weeks earlier with the same excuse. I asked for a discount and they declined. The meal was cold and horrible. I will never ‘donate’ my time or money to Java again!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, NM. I too have experienced some varying levels of service at their different locations. I have found the Yaya location to be the best service wise. Just this past Sunday though I went to their newest location at the Galleria in Karen to wait 45 minutes for a simple takeaway order. We asked the waitstaff 3 times about the status of the order before even getting a response.