25 November 2012

Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall, bringing people together, one drink at a time. While I am not Irish I can still appreciate a good beer with a hearty shepherd's pie from time to time. And from time to time I mean I used to visit this pub several times a month as it was conveniently located at the corner of Mockingbird and 75, literally a block from my old office. It has a great patio overlooking Mockingbird Station where you can relax during the "patio weather months" and people watch. I have so many fond memories including this place. I celebrated my 29th birthday here:
Mmmmm.  Creme brulee. 

And had not one but two going away happy hours here before I moved to East Africa:

So many beers, so little time.
Since moving away I still manage to visit every chance I get when I come home:

Christmas 2011
So when a friend asked where I wanted to grab drinks on my only Saturday night in town I quickly responded with Trinity Hall and as per usual it didn't disappoint. Service was friendly and attentive as always. Many of the servers have been working there since they opened and I recognized at least three faces last night. 

I skimmed the menu and decided that a light beer would be better option on this occasion for this still jet lagged weary lady than one of their Irish whiskeys.  I perused their extensive list of beers before remembering they have one of my favorite hefeweizens, Blue Moon, a Belgian style brew, on tap.  It's a citrus-y ale best served with a slice of orange to enhance the flavor.  Girly, I know, but oh so refreshing. 
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I sipped on my beer while contemplating the menu. Did I want the traditional Shepherd's Pie, with layered ground beef, peas, carrots, gravy, and potato with melted cheese or should I go for something healthier? I skimmed the salads but nothing was jumping out at me. The Tuna Melt Twist caught my eye but I reminded myself that tuna melts are readily available at my neighborhood Java House back in Nairobi. I finally settled on the Cashel Blue Burger covered in blue cheese crumbles and fried onion. I requested it rare, something I am not prone to do in other countries for obvious reasons, and relished the still pink patty slathered with barbecue sauce. My only wish was that it had more blue cheese; I typically like to savor the intense blue cheese taste with each bite but it was not a distinctive part of this burger. Moderately priced (my burger and two beers totaled about $23), dinner here will not break the bank. 

While we ate and chatted, music got going behind us. A musician played old Irish tunes and even managed to get the audience involved. Had I not been sitting directly in front of the stage I probably would have enjoyed it a bit more since I found it extremely hard to hear or converse after the entertainment started. The live music gives the bar a festive feel and I enjoy that they embrace the Irish community.

If you're ever in Dallas and love the laid back atmosphere of pubs I would definitely suggest giving this place a whirl.    

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