22 November 2012

Naan Sushi

Since I'm only in the Big D for about nine days I have packed full my calendar with lunches and dinners with friends I haven't seen since I was in town last Christmas. My first day back I arranged to meet a friend for an early dinner at what I expected to be Indian restaurant in Uptown. I was a bit confused when I discovered that we would actually be eating sushi at Naan. We made it in time for their daily happy hour special; they host an ever changing selection of specials ranging from half priced rolls to $3 bottomless mimosas and bloody marys on the weekend.

Many of the listed dishes had regional appropriate names which, while fun, made it confusing to determine exactly what we were ordering. I wish I could remember all of the names of the rolls my friend ordered for us. One of them she informed me, "tasted like clouds". She was right, it was delicious. As a bad foodie, I have completely forgotten which roll this was but it sat in a delicious green sauce.

Along with the go-to must haves, the Philadelphia and Rainbow rolls, we also branched out and tried the Volcano roll (a California roll topped with scallop, crawfish, crab meat, smelt egg, onion and special sauce). And the sauce was special. So delicious. I could not stop eating. As a result, despite only three glasses of wine between us we got a $75 bill for our over indulgence and inability to pare down our sushi selections. It was totally worth it.  

My only complaint would be that as we lingered for a few minutes over the bill the waitress returned and hovered while we were mid-conversation trying to move us along. She tried to snatch my friend's credit card away before I could even pay my portion. While I understand that they needed to turn over the table, after dropping a significant amount of cash for a casual Tuesday night dinner she could have been a little more patient. 

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