20 June 2011

Phoenician Sushi and Lebanese Restaurant: Updated

Location: Junction shopping center at Ngong Road and Kingara on the patio adjacent to Mediterraneo AND Matundu Lane
Price: 800 KSH (~$9) for edamame, Bento boxes start at 1100 KSH (~$12.50), Sushi platters start at 1200 KSH (~$13.50) We were also informed that the restaurant no longer accepts credit cards so make sure you are carrying cash; if you're caught without but craving some sushi Junction has just about every ATM known to man located just across the parking lot. 
Atmosphere: The atmosphere at the sushi bar outside the mall cannot compare to the garden patio at their former location on Karuna Road in Westlands. It is directly next to the entrance to the new section of the mall and while you don't notice your fellow diners at the restaurants nearby, I do wish the potted plants had taller trees to block all the foot traffic in and out of the mall. 

The sushi and Lebanese restaurant formerly located in Westlands has finally reopened in its new location in Junction.  Their new spot is quite small and only serves sushi which didn't make sense to us since they still touted Lebanese on their sign.  I was later told that they are opening a second restaurant upstairs that will serve the rest of the menu items. I am waiting for baited breath as their hummus is some of the best in Nairobi.  I hope at the upstairs restaurant they will give you the opportunity to order from both menus and still serve their yummy wood-oven pizzas. 

Despite the lacking atmosphere the food was still as good as I remembered.  The edamame is ridiculously overpriced (800 KSH for some soybeans!) but I really enjoyed the sushi platter and neither of my friends were able to finish their bento boxes there was so much food.  The service was respectable and I would totally recommend the sushi bar for lunch but would drive somewhere with a bit more ambiance for a sushi dinner.

The larger restaurant upstairs at Junction opened and has become a favorite of mine to visit (despite its in-mall location) for their extensive sushi selection. My must-eats include the vegetarian chorva (the coriander/cilantro is an amazing combination in this roll) and the Philadelphia roll (cream cheese, enough said).

Phoenician also reopened in a new location in Westlands on Matundu off School Lane. It has a large outside patio space and  the same delicious wood-oven pizzas, Lebanese, and sushi that Nairobi has grown to love. While they are still a bit pricier than some of their competition, they have a must larger selection of specialty sushi rolls and menu selection than any other Lebanese or sushi restaurant in town. The waitstaff is friendly and knowledgeable and I have yet to have a bad meal despite my many repeated visits to their various locations.

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