20 June 2011

Suggestions Welcome

Dear People of the Interwebs:

I have a request for you.  I feel like I have visited many great places to eat and hang out in Nairobi (some of which I may or may not have gotten around to blogging about yet), but I would like to know where your favorite happy hour places, restaurants, pubs, or late night hotspots are in Nairobi and around Kenya. 

My stomach thanks you.


  1. I strongly recommend visiting Azelea in Hurlingham. Love the 'cook your own' concept, alternatively order off the menu. The food is delicious. I also got them to cater for one of my parties and I was very impressed.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion; I haven't heard of Azelea but I will definitely check it out! I'm always looking for good places to try in Hurlingham/Kilimani/Lavington area.