26 August 2012

Taste of China

While attending security training at the gym at Prime Apartments on Rhapta Road I discovered a hidden taste of China. After a particularly hard workout of assaulting colleagues and resisting assault, a workmate and I decided to indulge. While I haven't found the most impressive selection of Chinese food in Nairobi I thought, why not give it a shot? 

I will say Taste of China surprised me. We pre-ordered our lunch so it would be ready by the end of training and the waiters were prompt in their service and food delivery, ensuring that we could make it back to the office on time. We sat poolside, a highly recommended option over the dark interior of the restaurant. We ordered a tofu entree with vegetable fried rice to share between the two of us. The portion was so large not only did it feed us for lunch that day but we took the leftovers back to the office and split them again the next day.

We requested the tofu spicy, however the manager said that her cooks get "a little over-excited" when they see orders for spicy come through and tend to overdo it and suggested we order ours medium instead and offered us sauces on the side, if needed, to spice it up. All I can say is that they need to get their chefs into line when it comes to spicing the meals. The medium was not spicy enough, even with the sauces; however, if their version "spicy" is anything like my last Chinese experience then she was probably right to warn us.

Final verdict, I would eat here again; while there was nothing particularly remarkable about it, the food was decent and staff was friendly.

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