25 September 2011

Grease Pit

Despite their name, the Grease Pit is one of the better places to eat and hang out when one is trapped in the NGO compound in Dadaab.  Located in CARE's compound many people migrate back and forth between here and the "new Pumzika" next door at UNHCR. 

There's always a good group of people to chat with around and currently the people watching is pretty entertaining as there has been a slew of random celebrities making their way through the "refugee safari." It's not Nairobi but between the sand between your toes and the random conglomeration of seating options, it's usually a fun night. Depending on the cds the bartender decides to bring there's usually some good music (trumping the usual strains of easy listening at the mess hall) and a slab of concrete to dance on. 

They have recently resurrected Ethiopian cuisine there so now you can enjoy a beer and something a little less greasy. As my regular readers know, I have a weakness for Ethiopian cuisine, so I was super excited that there was somewhere with a bit more variety to eat than just the mess and Pumz. You do have to order ahead so they know how much to make for the evening, but in addition to the traditional pots of food you can also get individual vegetarian or meat plates (all for the low price of KES 250-500). Those of us who have felt the pain after not being able to stop eating the delicious goodness definitely appreciate the platter approach. I eat until I burst every time I sit down for Ethiopian so having a defined stopping point is best for me. 

Greasy bar food, a must considering their name, is also on order at the Grease Pit. Egg or tuna sandwiches, chips, and nyama choma or usually available until the late hours of the evening. So for all of you development aid workers out there, next time you're in sunny Dadaab, saving the world one refugee at a time, make sure to make a pit stop by here to refuel.

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