18 April 2011

Queen of Sheba

As my lunch buddies and I are obsessed with Ethiopian food, we were excited to learn about Queen of Sheba (also known as the Pink Lady) and even happy to discover that it is located in our hood. It's good food for a good price.  

Location: Hurlingham: Off Argwings Kodhek between Marcus Garvey and Rose Ave. It's located inside Metropolitan Court, the second gate on the right.
Price: Entrees KES 300-500
Atmosphere: When you walk up to the gate you aren't sure if you're walking into a person's compound or if it's an actual restaurant. Once you make it into the restaurant it's painted in bright colors and authentic African artwork. There are several seating areas inside and out; although the outdoor space is covered as an extension of the house.

We ordered a mixed meat dish for KES 400 (approx. $5) between the two of us and were sufficiently stuffed by the end of the meal. It came with three meats and four vegetarian samplings.  They do charge (only KES 35 approx. $0.44) for an "extra" order of injera separate from the injera that comes as the base of the dish. Considering it was only KES 270 apiece including drinks plus food I would call this an excellent deal. I have also been told that their shiro bozana (regular shiro with meat) is nice. We're saving that for next time as well as their kitfo and mixed juice drinks (papaya, avocado, and mango). The service was also fairly quick and for once I was able to eat and make it back to work within the hour. 

Where is your favorite Ethiopian restaurant and what is their best dish? I'm always up for trying somewhere new and am on a mission to find the best Ethiopian spot in Nairobi.

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