15 February 2018

Week 2: Can Emeril Save the Tuna Fish Challenge?

I decided to stick with the theme of tuna fish as a salad, since I am hoping that a tuna melt will convince Curry Delight of the greatness that is canned tuna. 

Emeril has a "Kicked-Up Tuna Melt" that appeared easy enough (more so than some of the crazy recipes with a thousand and one ingredients just for pasta/salad).

4 cans of tuna (drained, duh)                                         1/3 c mayo (+ some to spread)
1/4 c chopped red onion                                                 4 tsp capers (rinsed and drained)
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice                                                 1/2 tsp coarse salt
1 tsp ground pepper                                                       1/4 tsp dried oregano "crumbled between your fingers" 😂
4 slices of crusty bread                                                   8 tomato slices
4 slices of provolone or other "mild melting cheese (e.g. cheddar or Monterrey Jack)"

2 cans (395 g) of tuna 
2 small onions (probably only slightly more than 1/4 c - I eyeballed it)
2 small spoonfuls of jalapeños (~8-10 tiny slices) for capers
Juice from 1 small Indian lemon (smaller than American variety)
Black rock salt for "coarse salt"
Dried oregano from a bottle, no crumbling required
Aged cheddar rather than provolone
+ Dash of paprika on top with a tiny bit of cilantro/coriander

I initially planned to use 3 cans (580 g) of tuna so it was closer to the amount in the recipe, but once I got the first two cans mixed up with the ingredients, it didn't need another 5 oz and the taste was not overwhelming, despite the lesser amount of tuna. Plus, we now have salad for an army - or at least leftovers aplenty for the cat.

Emeril said to bake it, but since we are incompetent at using the microwave as a convection oven, despite its claims it converts, we went the lazy microwave route. I did think about sticking them on a pizza/dosa flat pan on the stovetop, but that seemed like a lot more effort than 45 seconds in the microwave. The cheese melted and the baguette didn't get too hard, like it's wont to do. 

Curry Delight liked the tuna salad, so he said. I don't even think it was a pity like; he claimed he'd eat it again if I made it. Next time I will use smaller bread for the open face sandwiches - maybe pao or dinner rolls - the baguette was a bit bulky to try to eat without making a mess. 

Verdict: The salad was just the right mix of flavor and not too dry. Sometimes recipes call for way too much mayo, which drowns out the flavor, and other times there's not enough and it's way too dry. It was quick and easy to make and I loved the taste. 

Perfection accomplished!

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