02 December 2016

Hungry Expat's "Indianized" Stovetop Scrambled Eggs

Inspiration for my next "Indianized" dish came quickly today. I am a huge fan of breakfast for dinner which is why I took my leftover "salsa" concoction from my baked potato and Indianized myself some dinner out of it. Scrambled eggs are another favorite of mine and super quick and easy.
3-4 eggs                              1/4 c milk                           2 tsp butter 

For some pizzaaz one may also add some cheese and cilantro and definitely salt and pepper, but they're pretty bland the traditional way, even with a side of bacon and toast.

There are a ton of delicious Indian egg dishes: Egg masala, Egg fried rice, Tomato egg curry, just to name a few, but Egg bhurji is one of my favorites and most similar to scrambled eggs. It includes: 

cooking oil                           mustard seeds                   yellow onion
ginger                                   chili                                   tomato
ground turmeric                   eggs                                   cilantro
salt                                       pepper

Rather than sticking with the known, I Indianized another Tex-Mex/American recipe with scrambled eggs as its hero: Breakfast burritos!

(2) roma tomatoes       (1) red onion                  (5) garlic cloves
cilantro                        salt                                  ground black pepper
red chili powder          cumin seeds                    yogurt
ghee                             1/4 c milk                       cheddar cheese

Normally you would have refried/black beans, some guacamole, maybe some bell peppers and bacon to beef it up a bit, but as long as the flavors are good, you don't always need a ton of filling (plus my rotis are small). Fortunately I had some fresh rotis lying around already so I didn't need to make those from scratch before eating (I'm not the best at dough-like creations). I beat the eggs in milk and scrambled them in some ghee. Once nice and fluffy I lined the roti with eggs and topped it off with my aforementioned Indian-ish salsa, salt, pepper, and yogurt. If I hadn't already had the fixins prepared, I might have swapped the cumin seeds and red chili powder in the tomato seasoning for some hot green peppers, blended the salt and black pepper with roasted cumin into the yogurt, topped with more cilantro, and definitely added some shredded cheese. However, it wasn't bad for throwing together some leftovers!
Pretty good

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